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Economic Justice in an Unfair World: Toward a Level Playing Field

THE RECENT BACKLASH against democracy in such countries as Bolivia, Venezuela, Russia, and Georgia poses renewed concerns about the viability of this regime type in the developing world. Drawing on a unique data set of every democratization episode since 1960, this book explores the underlying reasons for backsliding and reversal in the world's fledgling democracies and offers some proposals with respect to what the international community might do to help these states stay on track toward political stability.
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The Fate of Young Democracies
By Ethan B. Kapstein,
Nathan Converse
Published by Cambridge University Press, 2008
ISBN 0521494230, 9780521494236
208 pages

FROM THE CRITICS International banker and political economist Kapstein explores the actions that governments have taken to cope with the economic and political consequences associated with the globalization of international finance. He also analyzes the politics of international financial negotiations. Annotation c. Book News, Inc., Portland, OR (booknews.com)

The Political Economy of National Security is the only text on the market that analyzes the economic dimensions of national security. Given the specialization of writings in international relations, authors tend to treat "security studies" and "political economy" as separate spheres with no apparent linkage. By probing the interface between economics and security, this text offers a deeper understanding of both.

Nations around the world are "bandwagoning" with the United States, while trying to maintain some independence of action in case America becomes isolationist. Meanwhile the U.S. is being pulled in different directions by its own economic and security requirements, leading to policy contradictions that must be resolved if the "unipolar" moment is to endure.


Curriculum Vitae For Ethan B. Kapstein

Tel: 202-602-4330
E-mail: Click to Email Ethan B. Kapstein
Download: Click to download CV PDF

Professional Experience

Washington, DC
Senior Advisor and Director for Economics. Develop programming, conduct research and convene an inter-agency working group on the economics of conflict.

2013-present: MCCAIN INSTITUTE
Washington, DC
Senior Director and Arizona Centennial Professor of International Affairs, McCain Institute for International Leadership, Arizona State University. Develop McCain Institute programming on US policy toward conflict-affected countries with a focus on the Democratic Republic of Congo; teach public affairs economics.

Princeton, New Jersey
Associate Director and Senior Research Fellow, Empirical Studies of Conflict Program (since 2015); Visiting Research Collaborator (2011-2015). Play leading role in fund-raising for ESOC and conduct research on economics of conflict in fragile states.

Austin, Texas
Dennis O'Connor Regent's Professor of Business and Tom Slick Professor of International Affairs. Full Professor with Tenure. Teach courses in economic development and economics of national security. On leave at the Wharton School (2011-2012) and Georgetown (2012-2013).

Chair in Political Economy. Full Professor with Tenure. Taught MBA courses on business in emerging markets and international political economy.

Minneapolis, Minnesota
Stassen Professor of International Peace, Humphrey Institute of Public Affairs and Dept. of Political Science. Full Professor with Tenure. Taught graduate and undergraduate courses in international political economy, economic development, and comparative public policy.

New York, New York
Vice President and Director of Studies. Responsible for all aspects of the Studies Program including overall guidance, management, recruitment and fundraising. Directed a major study on Social Policy in Transition Economies, which resulted in an edited volume.

Paris, France
Principal Administrator, Directorate for Science, Technology, and Industry. Directed OECD programs in the area of industrial restructuring and defense conversion in the former Soviet Union. Focused on problems of social policy in defense-dependent communities.

Cambridge, Massachusetts
Director, Economics Program, John M. Olin Institute (1989-1994); Associate, Center for International Affairs (1984-present); Lecturer in International Business (1984-1994); Associate, Leverett House, Harvard College (1992-present).

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Cambridge, Massachusetts
John M. Olin Post-Doctoral Fellow in Economics, Center for International Affairs.

Medford, Massachusetts
Ph.D. in International Economics. Coursework in micro, macro, and international economics; international political economy; and international business history, at Harvard University.

Providence, Rhode Island
A.B. in History of Science, June 1976.

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Military Experience

Commander (Ret), United States Navy. Served on special active duty during Operation Desert Storm and as Special Visiting Assistant to Navy Secretary Richard Danzig during Kosovo conflict. Awarded Navy Achievement Medal.

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Recent Research Grants

2011-present: Research Grant, Office of Naval Research, for work on the economics of counterinsurgency.

2009-2011: Research Grant, Sloan Foundation, for project on industrial globalization.

2008-present: Research Grant, Merck Foundation, for project on future of HIV/AIDS treatment regime.

2005-2007: Research Grant, Smith Richardson Foundation, for project on the fate of young democracies.

2004-2006: Transatlantic Fellow, German Marshall Fund of the United States, for project on international armaments collaboration.

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Awards, Activities, And Visiting Positions

2014: Don K. Price Award for Best Book in Science & Technology Policy, American Political Science Association

2013-present: Visiting Research Collaborator, Woodrow Wilson School, Princeton University.

2012-2013: Visiting Professor of Strategy, Georgetown University

2012-2013: Departmental Guest, Keller Center, Princeton University

2011-2012: Visiting Professor of Multinational Management, The Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania

2011-2012: Fellow, Niehaus Center, Princeton University

2011-present: Research Affiliate, National Bureau of Economic Research

2009-present: Non-Resident Senior Fellow, Center for a New American Security.

2004-present: Visiting Fellow, Center for Global Development.

2004-present: Board Member, Fondation Innovation Politique, Paris.

2003-present: Member, NBER Working Group on Economics and National Security.

2001-present: Research Associate, Institut Francais des Relations Internationales.

2001-present: Member, FTSE4GOOD Advisory Committee.

1999-2000: Member, Secretary of the Navy’s Personnel Task Force

1999-2000: Consultant to the OECD on best practices in public policy

1999: Visiting Professor of International Economics at Universite de Nice and at HEC, France

1999: Special Assistant to Secretary of the Navy Richard Danzig

1997-2000: Consultant on Social Policy, World Bank

1997: USIS Lecturer in West Africa

1996-1999: Consultant on emerging markets, DELTEC Management Corporation

1996-1997:Visiting Professor of Economics, Sciences Po, Paris.

1995: Elected to Membership, Council on Foreign Relations.

1994: Elected to Membership, International Institute for Strategic Studies.

1994: Visiting Professor, National Institute for Defense Studies, Tokyo, Japan.

1994: Distinguished Visiting Professor, National Defense University, Washington, DC

1992: Outstanding Academic Book Award, Choice, for The Political Economy of National Security.

1991: European Community Visitor’s Program grant.

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Consulting Work

Associate Partner, Steward RedQueen (Haarlem, The Netherlands). Provide economic consulting work to a wide range of public and private sector clients including the International Finance Corporation, SabMiller, Newmont, Diageo, Monsanto, and Coca-Cola.

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Languages And Other Skills

French (fluent), German (fair), Hebrew (good), Portuguese (good), Russian (fair). Excellent computer skills.

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American Economics Association; American Political Science Association; Council on Foreign Relations; Harvard Club of New York.

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Books and Monographs

AIDS Drugs for All: Social Movements and Market Transformations. (New York: Cambridge University Press, 2013, with Josh Busby). Winner of the 2014 Don K. Price Award for Best Book in Science, Technology and Environmental Policy, American Political Science Association.

The Fate of Young Democracies (Washington, DC: Center for Global Development, forthcoming with Nathan Converse).

Economic Justice in an Unfair World: Toward a Level Playing Field (Princeton: Princeton University Press, 2006).

--and Branko Milanovic, Income and Influence: Social Policy in Emerging Market Economies (Kalamazoo, Mi: Upjohn Institute, 2003).

--and Branko Milanovic, eds. When Markets Fail: Social Policy and Economic Reform (New York: Russell Sage Foundation, 2002).

Hegemony Wired: American Politics and the New Economy (Paris: French Institute for International Relations, 2000).

Sharing the Wealth: Workers and the World Economy (New York: Norton, 1999)

-- and Michael Mandelbaum, eds., Sustaining the Transition: Social Policy in the Post-Communist Economies (New York: Council on Foreign Relations, 1997)

Governing the Global Economy: International Finance and the State

(Cambridge, MA: Harvard University Press, 1994; paperback, 1996)

The Political Economy of National Security (New York: McGraw-Hill, 1992).

The Insecure Alliance: Energy Crises and Western Politics (New York: Oxford University Press, 1990).

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Selected Articles

“Land and Rebellion,” Survival (April/May 2014).

“Economic Assistance in Conflict Zones: Lessons from Afghanistan,” Center for Global Development Policy Paper (October 2012, with Kamna Kathuria).

“Predation, Economic Activity, and Violence: Evidence from the Philippines,” NBER Working Paper 18375 (September 2012, with Eli Berman,  Joseph Felter, and Erin Troland).

“Arms Away: How Washington Squandered its Monopoly on Weapons Sales,” Foreign Affairs (September/October 2012, with Jonathan Caverley).

“Measuring Progress in Modern Warfare,” Survival (February/March 2012).

“Why Democracies Fail,” in Larry Diamond, ed., Poverty, Inequality and Democracy (Baltimore, MD: Johns Hopkins University Press, 2012, with Nathan Converse).

“Sourcing Locally for Impact,” Stanford Social Innovation Review (Fall 2011, with Rene Kim).

“Military Metrics: How Do We Know if We’re Winning (or Losing) a War? Small Wars Journal (July 2011).

“Do Three D’s Make an F? The Limits of ‘Defense, Diplomacy and Development’,” PRISM (summer 2010).

“Making Markets for Merit Goods: The Political Economy of ARV’s,” Global Policy (January 2010, with Josh Busby).

“Reforming Defense Procurement: Lessons from France” Business and Politics (summer 2009, with Jean-Marc Oudot).

“Africa’s Capitalist Revolution,” Foreign Affairs (July/August 2009).

“The Politics of Democratic Reversal,” Journal of Democracy(Fall 2008, with Nathan Converse).

“Fairness Considerations in World Politics: Lessons from International Trade Negotiations,” Political Science Quarterly(Summer 2008).

“The Threat to Young Democracies,” Survival (May/June 2008, with Nathan Converse).

"Architects of Stability? International Cooperation Among Financial Supervisors," in Claudio Borio, ed., Past and Future of Cental Bank Cooperation (New York: Cambridge University Press, forthcoming 2007).

"The New Global Slave Trade," Foreign Affairs (November/December 2006).

"The Political Economy of International Cooperation: A View from Fairness Economics," The Political Economist(Summer 2006).

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"The Politics of Policy Coherence," in OECD, Policy Coherence for Development: Institutional Approaches (Paris: OECD, 2005).

"Power, Fairness, and the Global Economy," in Michael Barnett and Raymond Duvall, eds., Power in Global Governance (New York: Cambridge University Press, 2005).

"Behavioral Foundations of Democracy and Development," Center for Global Development Working Papers (December 2004).

"Capturing Fortress Europe: International Collaboration and the Joint Strike Fighter," Survival (Fall 2004).

"Models of International Economic Justice," Ethics and International Affairs (Fall 2004).

"Is the Global Economy Just?" Challenge (September/October 2004).

"Colliding Forces: Domestic Politics and the Global Economy," (with Stephen Kobrin), in Hubert Gatignon, eds, The Alliance on Globalizing (New York: Cambridge University Press, 2004).

"Two Dismal Sciences are Better than One," International Security (Winter 2002/03).

"The Baby Trade," Foreign Affairs (Nov./Dec. 2003).

"Virtuous Circles? Human Capital Formation, Economic Development, and the Multinational Enterprise," OECD Development Center (Technical Paper no. 191, 2002).

"The Corporate Ethics Crusade," Foreign Affairs (Sept./Oct. 2001)

"Responding to Globalization: Social Policy in Emerging Market Economies," Global Social Policy (Fall 2001 with Branko Milanovic)

"Inequality,Growth and Democracy," World Politics (January 2001, with Dimitri Landa)

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"Dividing the Spoils: Pensions, Privatization, and Reform in Russia's Transition," World Bank Policy Research Working Paper no. 2292 (March 2000, with Branko Milanovic)

"Democratization and Globalization," in Marc Plattner, ed., International Relations and Democracy (Washington, DC: Johns Hopkins University Press, 2000Ñwith Dimitri Landa)

"Between God and the Market: The Religious Roots of the American Economics Association," Journal of Economic Perspectives (fall 1999Ñwith Bradley Bateman).

"Reviving Aid," World Policy Journal (Fall 1999)

"Distributive Justice as an International Public Good: A Historical Perspective," in Global Public Goods, Inge Kaul, Isabelle Grunberg and Marc A. Stern ed. (New York: Oxford University Press, 1999)

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Newspaper / OP-ED

"How empirical studies of political violence (can) help policymakers", WashingtonPost.com (March 16, 2015)

“How to Intervene without Blowing Stuff Up,” ForeignPolicy.com (May 2014).

“Arms Sales and American Interests,” Defense News (September 17, 2012, with Jonathan Caverley)

“Will Afghanistan Collapse?” Foreign Policy.com (February 2012).

“Bright Spots in Afghanistan,” Foreign Policy.com (July 2010).

“Baby OnBoard,” Foreign Affairs.com (June 2010).

“Arsenal’s End: American Power and Defense Industrial Globalization,” CNAS Policy Brief (March 2010).

“Smart Defense Acquisition: Learning from French Procurement Reform,” CNAS Policy Brief (December 2009).

“International Armaments Collaboration: An American View,” Defense Nationale (October 2008).

“Smart Bomb Procurement,” Wall Street Journal (June 17, 2008)

“Business Can Power Society Towards the Goal of Prosperity for All,” Business Report (South Africa) 11 March 2008 (with Unilever SA chairman Gail Klintworth).
“Multinational Risks,” Wall Street Journal Europe (May 10, 2006).

“Avoiding Unrest in a Volatile Environment,” Financial Times (March 10, 2006).

“The Trade Barriers Within,” Wall Street Journal Europe (August 12, 2004).

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